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The global spread of the COVID-19 virus is a good reminder of how important it is to ensure that indoor environments be free of bacteria, viruses and other organic compounds or toxins.

PurAyr‘s air and surface decontamination process has proven effective in fighting back against viruses in an indoor environment. The Multiphase Photocatalytic Oxidation (MPO) process attacks all organic microorganisms in the treated area. Our process is non-selective and eliminates all human omissions.

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How it works

The PurAyr process utilizes a science known as Multiphase Photocatalytic Oxidation (MPO) to eradicate airborne, surface and embedded organic contaminants. The internal reactions between UV light and titanium dioxide nanoparticles generate massive levels of Ozone (O3), Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Hydroxyl Radicals (*HO). These oxygen rich gases react with organic compounds, breaking them down into simple elements as they back into oxygen (O2). The PurAyr process is basically speeding up time, rapidly oxidizing odor causing bacteria, viruses and VOCs without the use of chemicals. Treatment time is effected by several factors, these include; size of the treatment area, type and severity of contaminant, and amount of equipment available. But generally speaking full decontamination can be conducted overnight or during the workday. Each PurAyr unit is designed to work inside 500 sq ft of space (residential) or 1000 sq open commercial spaces. During treatment the area will need to be free of people, plants and pets. Only staff with proper protection should have access to the area until the space has been neutralized by air exchange and/or charcoal air scrubbing. The neutralization process takes 30-60 minutes and is verified and recorded with a Portable Gas Detector prior to the release of the space.

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How to become a service provider

Contact us using the options below, a representative will be in touch right away to answer your questions and provide pricing and availability. Training can be conducted in person or online and you will always have access to an expert that has years of “in the field” experience. The PurAyr processes have been developed and refined while taking on some of the most challenging jobs in the industry. Service providers that use this technology are frequently called on by professionals in the industry to resolve issues they would otherwise struggle to resolve. Become a decontamination expert

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Covid-19 Update…

Traditional disinfectants and products the industry has relied on have become extremely difficult to find as the supply chain and manufacturers struggle to keep up with the demand. Thankfully PurAyr does not rely on consumable products and only requires a 110v power source to operate, making it impervious to these disruptions.

We are currently fielding thousands of calls on covid-19 – most of them asking if we have any data showing the effectiveness of our process in fighting the outbreak.  Although we have been very successful in past field tests with many other viruses (including past coronaviruses), we have not yet been able to provide analytics specific to today’s pandemic. However, independent reports indicate previously affected areas are testing “clear” after our deployments.

We are very pleased that our service providers are in the field helping commercial, residential, industrial and government clients with their disinfection needs. They are providing a total decontamination solution that is not reliant on supply chain, mixing ratios, missed surface contact, or having to leave surfaces wet for up to 5 minutes.  They are able to disinfect large spaces very rapidly and are doing so successfully every day across North America!

Our response to today’s strain of the coronavirus is still developing and we’re working very hard to support our customers in a timely manner as we monitor the situation and follow the guidelines. We will be updating this page as more information is available.

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