PurAyr delivers tools and training for odor removal

Become the best at odor removal

PurAyr delivers the tools and training to make your team the best in the business at eliminating odors and contaminants. We'll get you the best equipment on the market and train you to understanding the dynamics so you can remove the problem with confidence. More details

Reduce costs

Reduce labor and job costs

PurAyr technologies and techniques have been developed by restoration contractors with years of hands-on experience. Extensive in-the-field testing has allowed PurAyr to deliver the most effective tools and approaches to odor removal, disinfection and decontamination available on the market. These techniques have been developed to dramatically reduce labor and job costs, while saving building materials and reducing the time spent on each job. Find out more

Use nano technology

Go Nano!

Most odors and contaminants are organic-based compounds held together by carbon bonds. In order to safely neutralize these harmful or offensive compounds (such as bacteria, mold, VOCs, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, fire smoke, etc…) we break these carbon bonds and allow them to fall back into simple harmless elements. Nanotechnology is the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way to create this powerful reaction. Read more

Use PurAyr for any of these…

  • structural fire smoke odor removal
  • cooking fire smoke odor removal
  • cat urine odor neutralization
  • dog urine odor neutralization
  • cigarette smoke odor removal
  • mold abatement
  • attic mold abatement
  • crawl space mold abatement
  • Allergen removal & asthma control
  • Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) treatment
  • IAQ restoration
  • Much more…
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